Only true Mithai lovers can crack this quiz!

Only true Mithai lovers can crack this quiz!


Weddings, festivals, celebrations or any other auspicious occasion, one thing that define them is Indian sweets. We can’t celebrate without sweet dishes, afterall “muh mitha karna toh banta hai”. Waffles, pancakes and brownies are yum but nothing can replace desi mithais. If you are a true sweets lover, look at the pictures and guess the name of these Indian sweets.

These are cheena balls dipped in milk topped with nuts

1. Ras malai
2. Rajbhog
3. Rasgulla

This is a rajashtani desert

1. Kalakand
2. Gehwar

It is from mathura

1. Petha
2. Peda
3. Dhodha

This is a Punjabi desert full of dry fruits and ghee

1. Panjiri
2. Pinni
3. Gajak
4. Malpua

Name this Bengali dish

1. Malai Chop
2. Kheer Kadam
3. Sandesh

What is this sweet called?

1. Arsa
2. Mysore Pak
3. Bal Mithai

Name this sweet from Maharashtra

1. Thalipeeth
2. Bhakri
3. Puran Poli

It looks like donut

1. Imarti
2. Balu Shahi
3. Jalebi

It is made using yoghurt

1. Sheer korma
2. Shrikhand

They look like dumplings

1. Modak
2. Laddoo

All 10 questions completed!

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Only true Mithai lovers can crack this quiz!

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