Travel first-aid kit for your lil’ one

First aid travel kit for your tot

Travel first-aid kit for your lil’ one. Image Source: Google

Summers are here and so is the time for a long holiday! But with kids you need to be extra careful, a small wound can become an infection and spoil all the fun. AAW gives you a list of first-aid methods and things you must carry to that quintessential holiday.

Drink loads of  water: Make your kids have a lot of water, juices, and lemonade when out on a trip. As water doesn’t let your baby get dehydrated and faint. It also insures that food allergies and toxins get flushed out of the system. But do not rely on tap water; believe us that extra cash is better spent on water than medication.

Diarrhoea: This is a stomach infection and the first thing you must do is medicate your child and give a lot of fluids. However if it’s severe give electrolyte solution and call the doctor.

Nosebleed: To stop the bleeding, hold a damp cloth or a cold pack on the head and squeeze his nostrils for few minutes gently with your thumb and index finger.

Wasps and bee stings: If the sting is on the skin remove it immediately with tweezers. Cool the sting area with a wet washcloth or a cold back. For pain and swelling a cut onion rubbing and rub, metal like spoons also help. With allergic reactions or a sting in the mouth visit the doctor immediately

Cuts, abrasions:  Clean the abrasion wound with lukewarm, clean water. If it is dirty then only use a (non-burning) disinfectant like savlon. Put plaster (hansaplast) or bandage with gauze.

Bruises: Cool the affected area repeatedly with ice cold water, ice spray or cold packs. Apply a salve to stimulate blood circulation.