Ways to maintain a strong father-daughter bond

Things that can build a strong bond between father-daughter:

It is commonly said that a father is more attached to his daughter and a mother to her son. But, there are many girls who are not close to their fathers because of many reasons like fear and not being ‘outspoken’. Becoming a daddy’s girl is not that easy as it needs efforts from both the sides. Here are 8 ways that can grow a healthy relationship between a father and a daughter.

1. Be a Friend

Ways to maintain a strong father daughter relationship
From a very young age make a healthy bond with your daughter by spending time with her. Be a friend to her so that she develops a comfort zone for you and won’t hesitate in sharing anything with you in future.

2. Take interest

No matter how busy you are, listen to your daughter. Know about her dreams, wishes and secrets that she want to tell you. Since her childhood always play with her, take her out and make her feel your presence in all the important events like her birthday, school functions etc.

3. Always stand with her like a pillar

There are many times when we face problems in our life and at this stage of life we actually realize who matters us the most. If you love your daughter do not make her feel; alone in any tough situation, always take her stand and support her in her decision if it is right. Your support will become her strength and she will be able to take the correct step at that moment.

4. Appreciate her

Ways to maintain a strong father daughter relationship
Always criticizing your daughter will make her hopeless and will lose her self confidence. Especially in our country like ours where gender equality is a distant dream! Every person is not perfect so appreciate her for the efforts she make or anything in which she is good. If she is not good in studies, does not mean she cannot do anything else.

5. Motivate her

Motivation plays a major role in boosting your energy to do something that you are scared of. Push your daughter to accept the challenge that she might be really afraid of doing, this will remove the fear inside her and will make her strong.

6. Give her time to learn

Aww! Misha is sure growing up!

Do not scold or shout at her if she takes a wrong decision because we always learn from our mistakes. Instead of getting angry sit with her and talk to her in a way that she realize her fault also and never repeat it again.

7.  Respect each other’s feelings

We all know that for gaining respect we have to earn it. So, always be conscious about the words that you use in front of your daughter. Do not get violent or use inappropriate language that might affect her and hurt her. Some things stay for life long and they never fill the gap that comes in your bond.

8. Be her role model

Your children always do what they see you doing. Mostly every daughter wants her dad to be her role model and have a dream of getting a husband like her father. So, before doing anything do not forget that she is watching you. Be honest and a good human being so that your daughter take those ethics ahead with her in life and become your pride.
So, these are some ways that will always maintain a healthy bond between a father and a daughter.