10 habits happy single Indian women have!

Single women in India are often ridiculed by our society. There is an attitude that a woman is incomplete without marriage and people think that there must be something wrong for not being married. Though slowly things are changing and single women are finding and fighting for their own solutions. They are happy in their own space and expect others too to  let them live a life on their own terms and conditions.
Being single, I feel its high time that we prove that it’s not bad at all to be happily single as there are few habits that only we have
Enough Alone
Enough Alone
1 .Going out Solo
We don’t have to depend on others to go out as we are confident enough to travel solo without any fear.
2. Best group of friends
Best group
Best group
Friends help you in growing emotionally. Marriage should never be for emotional dependence. We have the best group of friends who are truly 2 AM friends who don’t bail out ever!
3. Pursue hobbies
We unlike our married counterparts are passionate about about hobbies and passionately follow them.
4. Equal partner
For us marriage is no longer about financial or emotional dependence as we want a partner who supports us and respects distance too. It is not about social pressures but about love and understanding.
5. Standing by the rules
From not bowing to the rules our society tries to impose, to working harder, to enjoy that glass of wine we need, rules make us  stronger and happier.
6. Respect for relationships
When looking for love we know our realistic expectations and over the years we know that happiness is the key to a successful relationship. If it doesn’t work out, we know when to end it.
8. Break barriers 
From setting up businesses to going for top MNC jobs, to buying their own house we know barriers are meant to be broken.
9. Paying Bills
We don’t feel offended to pay our own bills. From dutching on a date to buying a shiny new car, we can happily pay their own bills.
10. Take decisions wisely
They know whats good for them so they take all decisions wisely keeping in mind everything.