5 things happy women do

A guide to your happier self this International Day of Happiness

Happy women
International Day of Happiness

We as women strive to attain a perfect balance between family, work and friends. More often than not it is exhausting and somewhere in the long run we tend to forget to be happy. Yes, happiness is a state of mind but you must work towards. Not being happy can make you unhappy and quarrelsome in the long run. So we asked women around us how they maintain this constant state of happiness:

‘Me time’ is a must

Never ignore yourself, yes life is busy but not taking care of your own happiness will reflect everywhere from your relationships to work. The idea for me time doesn’t mean an elaborate vacation or lunch. It can be a few minutes of yoga to calm you down, that cup of brownie and coffee too! Do what makes you happy.

Work on yourself daily

Happy women
Happy women

Happiness cannot be achieved merely by your thoughts. If you are stressed it will reflect on you. Work on yourself. Unhappy with your weight? Exercise daily. Unhappy in your relationship? Talk it out. Do not let stress get the better of you.

Quality time with loved ones

In this world where technology and being on phone is constant, try for some technology free time with your family and friends. Life is above just insta photos and social media updates. Try and build each other.

Build each other

Kareena - Karishma Kapoor - Amirta -Malaika Arora
Kareena – Karishma Kapoor – Amirta -Malaika Arora

Often trolling and letting each other down is common, stop this negativity.  Often this negativity hampers other women from growing. Isn’t it high time we in still happiness and confidence in our tribe?


Reading is a great activity. It frees you from your world into a beautiful hypothetical world which helps your imagination grow. Our imagination forms a majority of our thinking, so read happy to stay happier!