Army Day: Facts about the Indian Army

Scrolling through a webpage while preparing for an up coming exam, I happened to come across a piece of information that the 15th of January every year is celebrate as Indian Army Day. The day is celebrated in recognition of  Field Marshal K M Cariappa‘s taking over as India’s first commander in chief from General Francis Butcher, last British commander in chief.  As the Indian Army is celebrating 70th Army Day today, here are a few facts about the army which most of us didn’t know.

1) The motto of the Indian army is ‘service before self’.

2) Ironically the Indian army was formed under the British government in 1776.

3) It is considered best for forest warfares and high altitude mountains.

4) The Indian army is the third largest military contingent in the world.

5) The highest bridge in the world, the Baily bridge in Ladakh was constructed by the Indian army in 1982.

6) The Indian armies is one of the few armies that has never initiated a war.

7) It controls the highest battlefield which is 5000 meters above the sea level- Siachen glacier.

8) The Indian horsed cavalry regiment is one of the last three regiments existing in the world.

9) The Indian army is the biggest contributor to the United Nations peace operations.

10) The Indian army is the biggest volunteer army in the world.

Every citizen of India has unwavering trust and pride in our Army, which protects us.