Different types of golgappa girls

Girl enjoying Golguppa

Pani Poori is a popular Indian street food. This tangy, yummy and full of flavours dish is loved by all Indian girls and they go gaga over it.  Like golgappas are known by different names , there are different types of golgappa lovers too. Read on to know more

Hungry queen: One who is super hungry and golgappas are the best options to curb her hunger pangs. “Bhaiya jaldi khilao bahut bookh lagi hai”.
Extra: One who always want to have an extra golgappas after eating the full plate.”‘Bhaiya ek sukhi papri dedo.”

Spicy diva: The one who enjoys spicy food and wants her golgappas to be equally spicy. “Bhaiya thoda theekha banao, aur theekha.
English queen: They are the ones who calls golgappas as water balls and eat them sophisticate though they miserably fail in that.


Miss experimental: The ones who replace flavoured water with flavoured vodka in their golguppas.
Hygiene: Street food is street food and eating it on the streets makes it more enjoyable. We understand that hygiene is important but the gloves and bisleri water spoils the whole feel of this street food.” Bhaiya apne gloves kyu nahi pehne”.
Choosy: Golgappa ideally has boiled chick pea , potatoes , chutney and flavoured water but some so choosy that they just want to have a plain golgappas with minimal water.” Bhaiya no aloo bas thoda sa pani aur chutney”.
Miser: Not miser but you can all them wise spenders. They are the ones who don’t like spending more than INR 20 on golgappas. “Bhaiya itne mehenge , half plate hee khilado”.
Paytm: This is the latest addition after demonetization as they want to save cash and do an online transaction. “Bhaiya Paytm accept karoge”

Pani Puri challenge
Pani Puri challenge

Bet: The ones who make bets on who can eat more number of puris, while eating golgappas with friends.
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