How my perception changed towards LGBT

Things that changed my mentality about LGBT:

How my perception changed towards LGBT

Though things have changed a lot and at the present time everything is modernized but there are a few issues in our society which still needs to improve. I am sure you might have heard about gay, lesbians, bisexual and transgender rights (LGBT Rights).

Earlier homosexuality was treated as a taboo in our country but slowly many people have changed their perception towards it. Even I was one of them who used to laugh at these people and make fun of them. But, today whenever I see anyone doing the same I take a stand for it and defend them. So, I will be sharing the major reasons that changed my mentality towards the LGBT community and made me so optimistic.


How my perception changed towards LGBT

The biggest example of this is our fashion industry more than half of the fashion designers and makeup artists belong to LGBT. Along with this after entering my college life I met a lot of boys who were gay but they had a talent that nobody could beat. Belly dance is a form that needs a lot of energy and sexy figure but I came across guys who did it perfect than the girls.

Good Friends

I had a childhood best friend but because of many reasons, I could not maintain the strong bond that we had. But, I have a 3-year-old college friend with whom I have to build a connection that I never made with any of my friends. This is because he is too caring, loving, and helpful and I can always trust him. So, for me, they are more loyal friends than the straight people.

Broad Mentality

How my perception changed towards LGBT

In India, the most common problem that many people have is, interfering and poking nose in other’s personal matters. Because of my bubbly and bold nature, I was badly judged many times. Becoming friends with people from this community made me so confident and positive about myself. They have a very broad mentality and they never judge anyone in terms of sex, smoke, drink or clothes.


As we all know how much rapes, acid attacks and eve teasing has evoked a fear in most of the girls. So, in such situations, it is not very easy to trust anyone and hang out with them. But, when it comes to my gay friend I never get a negative vibe from him. We always chill late night together, go clubs and booze; it feels really secure with him.

SupportiveHow my perception changed towards LGBT

LGBT people are very kind, caring and emotional as they can understand both a girl and a boy’s feelings. My bisexual friend is my supportive pillar, no matter what happens I never feel hesitated about sharing anything with him. He always understands me and helps me out in finding out a perfect solution.

So, these are some of the major reasons that led me to changed my perception. Today also in many small cities people like these hide their identity in the fear of getting judged or disowned by families. But, this is really important for each of us to understand that being a gay, bi, or less bow is not in their hand. No one can control their feelings.