Lockdown 2.0: India to stay at home till 3rd May

PM Modi extends lockdown till 3rd May and gives 7 tasks to citizens:

Today morning, Narendra Modi addressed the nation and extended the nationwide lockdown till 3rd May. He said that all the ministers and citizens also think that extending the lockdown is the need of the hour. The prime minister said “The virus is spreading fast. I held multiple meetings with chief ministers, authorities to find out ways to control the spread with minimum effect on the growth of India. Keeping in mind the suggestions and the risks, lockdown in India will be extended till May 3. We need to stop the spread of the virus,”

Talking about the relaxations he said: “Till April 20, we will monitor how well the districts are doing. In places where the situation is improving, few relaxations will be made,”

While addressing the nation, the Prime Minister also listed seven tasks that are important to fight the battle against COVID-19.  He said that we need to follow seven tasks until May 3. He also stated that the list of detailed guidelines will be released tomorrow. “The lockdown may have come with serious economic costs, but it has also saved millions of lives,” he said.

These are the seven tasks mentioned by PM Modi:

  1. Take care of the elderly
  2. Practice social distancing
  3. Follow AYUSH ministry tips to boost immunity (take immunity boosting drinks and foods)
  4. Download Aarogya Setu app
  5. Help poor and needy people
  6. Don’t sack people from jobs
  7. Respect COVID-19 fighters

He also thanked India for fighting the situation like dedicated soldiers.  “Despite the sufferings, you are engaged in this fight. In our Constitution, a line reads ‘We the People’. This is what it signifies. This is a befitting tribute to Dr. Ambedkar on his birth anniversary.”

The number of coronavirus cases in India has crossed the 10,000 mark on Tuesday, including 8,988 active cases, 1,035 cured and 339 deaths.

Yesterday when the announcement was made that PM Modi will be addressing the nation at 10:00 AM, Twitter was flooded with reactions and hilarious jokes:


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