Nisha Madhulika: From a housewife to a YouTube star

With Nisha Madhulika
With Nisha Madhulika

Indian women are truly stars! Here is one such wonder woman who left her job as the commute got difficult and was sitting alone at home and then youtube happened. She is the biggest star in Indian YouTube history, and her humble cooking makes her the  most subscribed Indian youtuber. She is none other than Nisha Madhulika, the recipe queen of India with more than 1.8 million Youtube subscribers.

At an event Team AAW got an opportunity to talk to her regarding her work, recipes and more. Read on to know more about her
From a housewife to a you tube sensation, how did it happen?
In all honesty I loved cooking as a child and I’m thankful I got this opportunity. When my kids grew up and moved out, I left my job as the commute had become difficult. I was idle and somehow my passion saved me from boredom. I was free but I was not really adding anything to the house. Sitting idle was not me as I have always worked. I read a bit on the internet and realised that this can help me and hence YouTube happened.
Why should men learn to cook?
Of course now that the scenario is changing, both men and women head out to work and since food is necessity so cooking is something everyone needs to learn. Now a days women work equally hard and at times she might not be present at home due to study or work commitments. I feel this is the time when cooking gives men the freedom to eat the food of their choice and decrease her burden too.
Do you think, in the changing YouTube scenario, where people spend a lot on their sets, you need to make changes according to the current audience?
Not really, I cook realistic. I try the dishes before hand and make sure that they are tasty then I record the videos.  I do not believe in showing off with a big set, I believe that the food made should be tasty, quick to make and with available ingredients so that people can cook it.
At your home, your relatives and friends must always be expecting a feast! Do they actually tell you what to cook?
They love my food so its a always a feast for them. But no one has ever told me to make something particular because they know they will get delicious food.
Apart from cooking for your channel what else do you do?
There is so much to be done to excel, from replying to comments, to researching about ingredients, to trying out new recipes to editing old shoot. I am happy doing all this.
What was the turning point for your channel?
See till the time I was cooking, recording and uploading it was passion. But I realised I have made it big when people started commenting and trying my recipes which gave me immense satisfaction. YouTube also has helped me by pushing my limits further. In 2012 they made a 2 minute video with me about how to get women online and that was what made me realize I was a star for many.
Have your recipes, evolved with time as the young generation lack the patience their mothers or grand mother’s had. Has this psyche changed your cooking?
Of course, the microwave recipes are particularly popular for this reason. We were given appliances to make our cooking easier and quicker. But I try to make recipes which are healthier, tastier and can be made in an instant. I try to cook healthy but yes quick food too as my audience needs it.
Who is your favorite YouTuber?
I watch many other videos, but my unique answer would be, I truly am my own favourite.