People react: Budget 2013

The budget is out and so is the people’s opinion. While many laud the pro women budget moves some say they are sexist. Here are some of the best views we found on social networking sites about the women schemes in budget 2013.

Shobhaa De ‏@DeShobhaa
No thank you!!! We don’t need Banks for Women. We need honest bankers!

Pritish Nandy ‏@PritishNandy
Wonderful. We cant stop rapes, crimes against women. But we want to open a bank for women. As if women cant use normal banks! #Budget2013

Gautam @gautamverma23
There is still no tax for stupid statements like Bhaiyaa, Dented Painted etc. This #Budget2013 is a BIG FAIL!!!

Ashis Basu @BasuAshis
Will women need permission from their husbands to open an account at the proposed Women’s bank? #Budget2013

Aadilakhan @aadilakhan1
I M very angry my imaginary twitter boy friend has gifted me an SUV and now the duty on it is increased huh #Budget2013

Ratna_rajaiah @alphabetiya
What is sexist is asking women businesswomen and bank CEO’s abt their opinion about women’s banks. Ask the men na. #Budget2013 #WomensBanks

Abhijit Majumder @abhijitmajumder
Bank for women. Nice gimmick. Are normal banks meant to discriminate against women, not serve them? Are they unsafe for women? #Budget2013

Rekha Shetty @trippinoverlife
Wouldn’t an all women Police Station made sense instead of an all women bank? #Budget2013 like always you disappoint me once again

Dr C Srinivas @doctor_csr
First Chairman of ‘All Women Bank is Manmohan’s Daughter! #budget2013

Bubblicious @AnEffulgence
The only women bank?Ok,so what or how exactly it’s gonna benefit? It jus seems lk 1 of those lame ‘women’ oriented statements :/#Budget2013

Aditya Agarwal @Iamintrance
I want a woman in my life, not for a relationship, but for the tax benefits, protection and added fin security! #Budget2013

Neel Soni @iNeelSoni
“Imported” items mahengi ? Katrina and Nargish Fakri already charging crores for a movie. #Budget2013