Reasons why women prefer men with beard

Thanks to the No-Shave November which gained popularity with celebrities and common men who are growing out their mustaches and beards. In a survey of nearly 2,500 women conducted over 60 percent found men’s facial hair attractive. But if you are the one who prefers a clean-shaven face, then the following article is especially for you as we list the reason for why women prefer men with beard.

Shahid Kapoor
Shahid Kapoor/ Facebook

Looks Masculine

The chocolate boy look is outdated as women now like men who are masculine and beard makes the jawline look bigger and the man more masculine.

Confident about his looks

Usually men who are confident about their looks grow beard as at times it looks bad if not trimmed or grown properly.

Looks more intimidating

Women like men who are protecting and a beard make the man look more intimidating, which makes women think that the man is strong and brave.

Looks Mature

Women prefer matured men and beard makes them look one. Men with a baby face look much more mature and confident with beard.

Men feel Stronger

Beard makes the face look big which psychologically make the man feel stronger and more in control.


Makes the man stand out

When most men shave, a man with a beard might look more attractive because it helps him stand out from the crowd.

Sign of Sexual Maturity

 Beard indicate that a man has passed through puberty both physically and mentally. Shaving a beard might indicate that a man is uncertain in his adult role and may look less desirable partner to women.

It shows that a man is patient

Beard take time to grow and as a result it requires a lot of patience.

Make men healthier

According to a study beard blocks most of the harmful UV rays thus preventing many health issues and keeping the skin healthy.