Shraddha Kapoor trolled for her body positivity tweet!

Bollywood actress gets trolled and called: “Hypocrite”:

Shraddha Kapoor
Shraddha Kapoor

Several Bollywood actresses like Vidya Balan and Parneeti Chopra has faced body shaming, but Indian actresses have always taken a step forward and talked about body positivity. We really appreciate the fact that these actresses do not promote the idea of “the perfect body”. Instead, they encourage women to be the way they are and love it.However, we cannot deny that these women look perfect and often endorse health products too.

On 2nd December, Shraddha Kapoor shared a picture of Marilyn Monroe (World’s biggest sex Icon). Along with a body positive message. Which is about her being the most celebrated beauty, despite not having a toned body.

Huma Qureshi and other people appreciated her:

Something which was meant to empowering doesn’t seem to be the same way for others. Maybe because the actress endorses a product that truly promotes weight loss with the tagline “Reduce your belly fat” and she wears a fat suit in the advert too!

What do you do think about this?