Struggles you face if you wear specs

Here are some problems faced by people who wear specs :

Life is a real struggle if you are chashmish like me and go blind every time without your specs on. Being called Chashmish, finding your eyes as soon as you wake up, the blur vision while having drinking a too cold or too hot drink are some of the things people who wear glasses experience in their daily life. Being blessed with an awful vision, there are some annoying things that I go through often. If you also have the same situation, I bet you will understand the following

  1. Laying down with glasses

Well, it’s just a dream for people like me to fall asleep on sides while watching television or reading a book. As soon so you lie down your glasses dig into your face and you just hate it.

  1. Eye make-up is a tough job
Applying makeup
Applying makeup

You just get tense at the very thought of wearing eye makeup because you will have to remove your specs to do so. Basically, you are blind while doing your eyes. Tough, isn’t it?

  1. Hair + glasses = mess

That constant romance your glasses and hair share is so annoying as hair often tangles with your specs and it is just the last thing you want.

  1. Constant sliding of your specs
Adjusting the frame
Adjusting the frame

Your glasses do have fun falling down your nose. Working out with them on this is a real struggle. It is indeed one of the most irritating things.

  1. People asking you to try on your specs continuously

It is maddening at times when people take off your specs to try them on to see how they look on them. You just don’t know how to tell people that they can’t try your glasses all the time.

    1. People assume you to be a nerd

The very stereotype of every nerd wearing spectacle lets people assume you to be a nerd. As a matter of fact, intelligence is totally independent of a person wearing glasses.

  1. Cleaning lenses time and again

Half of your time passes by in cleaning your lenses. They somehow end up being covered with fingerprints which makes your shirt a lens cleaner.

Wear specs? What do you hate about them the most?