Tips to crack a job interview

Useful tips on how to crack a job interview

Job interviews are every fresher’s nightmare. As they are new into the corporate world, they are no experts in dealing with one on one interviews and hence develop a fear. A research has shown that candidates who overcome their fear of job interviews, have a higher probability of becoming successful.

Since we understand that the first interview can be stressful so Team AAW tells you a  few tips that can help you not only crack interviews, but also help you get rid of the fear.

  1. The first thing we need to understand the fear we are talking about. It is not the fear of interviews, but fear of rejection. The fear can be eliminated by altering your attitude towards it. Appear for an interview with a positive attitude and self-confidence. No firm wants to hire a fearful candidate.
Do not fear rejection
Do not fear rejection / freedigitalphotos

2. When sitting for interview, make sure you are specific to your point. Don’t divert from what is asked. Also make sure you are unbiased when answering. Do not overreact or give extreme recommendations. Sometimes the interviewer might just be tricking you into asking about the company policies.

3. Honesty and flexibility are two of the most important parameters in an interview. If you do not know the answer to a particular question, simply accept it rather than providing them with a wrong answer. Firms prefer their employees to be honest. Secondly companies also want their candidates to be flexible in their approach. They see freshers as clay that can be molded according to their firm’s environment and as the business environment is rapidly changing, being rigid will get you nowhere.

Be honest and flexible
Be honest and flexible/ freedigitalphotos

4. In an interview, avoid getting into a dispute with the interview. There is a better and positive way of putting your point rather than having an argument. The person taking your interview is more experience in the field than you are, so listen to him/her and then put your point in a proper manner.

Do not argue with the interviewer
Do not argue with the interviewer/ freedigitalphotos

5. While having good communication skills, you also need to work on your non-verbal signs. Body language plays an important role in the mind of the interviewer when hiring. They want people with a positive body language. While observing body language, the interviewer can tell whether you are lazy or energetic, nervous or confident and much more. So make sure you sit properly without  leaning backward or bending too much forward.

Have a good body language
Have a good body language/ freedigitalphotos

6. When giving an interview, mention why you are an asset to the organization. Tell the interviewer how you will be helpful for the company. Tell them about your skills and how they can befit the business. This will increase your chance of getting hired.

Besides these, here are few other points to keep in mind when going for an interview

  • Do not come to the interview with a chewing gum in your mouth.
  • Try to conclude the interview on a positive note.
  • Do not play with the pen or your hair.
  • Avoid wearing  jazzy or bright coloured clothes.
  • Arrive fifteen minutes early at the interview venue.