Struggles you will relate to if you live in a hostel

The battles that every hostel student face :

We all think of living in a hostel to avoid parent’s interference in our life. Many of us including me believed that that life is a hostel is easy as you can be on your own and do whatever you want. But not any more as I have lived in a hostel for three years and I still remember the problems I had to deal with each day.

  • Food is horrible
    The food provided by the mess in a hostel is unappetizing. They serve the same kind of food every day. Nice food is like the 8th day of the week, nonexistent.
  • Maggi is bae
    Maggi is your flab buddy. A person who lives in hostel keeps maggi packets as it is savory and very easy to cook.
  • Maggie
  • Sharing is caring
    There is no such thing as ‘this is mine’ which exists in hostels. You share everything with people even if you don’t want to. Be it shampoos, homemade food, headphones or books!
Sharing is caring!
Sharing is caring!
  • Attendance ka siyappa
    The college has some conditions for the people who live in the hostel and one of them is attendance. A person has to attend a specific number of classes to avoid problems with the hostel. The distance between hostel and college is directly related to the attendance.

  • Juggad
    Want to make a toast without a toaster or gas? Use an Iron! If you live in a hostel, juggad is your second name. A person who lives in a hostel has alternative solutions for every problem.
  • Wardrobe
  • No late nights
    If you think that living in a hostel means late night parties, you are completely wrong. People in the hostel (especially girls) are not allowed to stay outside the hostel after a precise time.
  • Hide everything
    Since very few hostels allow food or any other thing from outside, people have to hide everything from guards of hostels. Things from drinks (booze and juices) to home appliances (heaters, dryers etc), all are hidden from the warden.
  • Family = Major missing (ALWAYS)
    Living in a hostel comes with a price which is paid by staying without your family. Video calls and photos are the only sources when you see your parents and other family members.

These were some struggles faced by me What about yours?