The Instagram battle between Kylie & an egg!

Picture of an egg defeats Kylie’s Instagram World Record:

No doubt Kylie Jenner is one of the most popular internet star and the youngest richest woman. Along with her cosmetics people are also crazy for Kylie’s Insta pictures and she is the only one with maximum followers and likes on her posts. Recently an egg has broken this Instagram record and achieved more likes than her picture which has created a storm all over the internet.

Recently an Insta page by the name of world_record_egg shared a picture of an egg used in Kylie’s video and asked people to like it more than the clip that she shared. Surprisingly it crossed the target and got hit by almost 28 million likes.

Check out the egg’s picture here:

In response to the defeat caused by an egg, Kylie Jenner posted a short video of cracking an egg on the road with the caption, “Take that little egg.”

Check out her video here:

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Take that little egg

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Since this weird battle has come forwarded people can’t resist from commenting on it which has resulted in hilarious memes all over. Check them out below: