Things a boarding school kid can relate to

All people who went to boarding school will relate to this

Boarding school in itself is a whole new world. The rules and regulations that you have to live by help you become independent. The values and morals instilled here, stay with you lifelong. There are certain things that you will surely relate if you have been to a boarding school and they are:

  • You sleep on time and wake up on time

Even after you are done with boarding school, you still live by early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. You still swear by it and wake up early every day.

  • You are super organized

    Super Organized
    Super Organized

You usually stay neat and tidy and all your stuff is kept in order and at its respective place. You always like to be well organized.

  • Your table manners are exemplary

You know the correct usage of every cutlery. You never forget to pray before having your meal. Your table manners are simply impeccable.

  • Always punctual!

You are a well-disciplined person and are always punctual or before the time when you have to be somewhere. Being late or making people wait is totally not your thing.

  • “You must have been naughty!”

People often presume that you weren’t liked by your parents or you were too naughty as a kid since you were admitted to a boarding school. Well, just clearing out things, my parents love me and I am still naughty!

  • Dress perfectly

    Dress Perfectly
    Dress Perfectly

If you were lived in a boarding school, you must have realized that sloppy and clumsy dressing looks so shabby. You were always taught to dress up perfectly and classy and you still follow it.

  • Your friends are scattered

Since you were in a boarding school, students came there from different parts of the country and are now scattered. You are rarely able to meet them even if you want to.

Hostel life is truly the best!