Things every tall girl is tired of hearing

Taller girls often come across few annoying coments from people

Being tall is natural but as you grow up you hear comments from people regarding your height. Tall girls come across these lines so frequently that they are pissed off hearing them. The most common of all can be, ‘you are blocking my views’ as every tall girl is blamed with this several times.  “Isn’t funny how when you are a certain height, there are many things that you hear and specific comments that you get, over, and over again?. It’s actually quite annoying”, says Kriti Bakshi(a  5 feet 8 inches long girl ). Today she tells us some more statements that every tall girl is tired of hearing.

You are seriously so tall


A tall girl knows this fact that but every now and then she is made to realize it. Every new person or relative whom she meets has the same quote for her and that is ‘You are seriously tall’ or ‘You’ve grown much taller .

What is your height?

Even if you answer this question thousand times it is for sure to comeback. The number of times you meet someone, this question is bound to be asked.

Please, can you get that for me?

Every tall person has that extra work of getting the things kept at far off places for a shorter person. In other words they are helping hand for shot ones.

Tall girls
Tall girls

You please stand at the last of the line

We have to stand at the last of the queue always and also at the back when photographs are being taken. This is really tough as many times we miss some amazing things too.

Are your parents tall too?

It is hereditary so the one who is tall must be having a taller father or mother. But still you are asked this.

You don’t need to wear heels, you already have long legs


If a girl is tall, it does not mean she does not have the right to wear heels. Short girls are always annoyed with other tall girls wearing heels. As according to them heels are meant for short girls.

What if you have a short boyfriend?

This is pathetic! Listening to this from many gives an intuition that if in case you get a shorter boyfriend, it would give everybody a chance to laugh at them.