Things girls living in PG will relate to!

Here are some things that every PG girl will relate to :

For many girls being a paying guest is a home away from home. They make new friends and create lifetime memories which are priceless. Apart from making new friends one also grows as a person as they have to manage everything on their own without any help.Secondly you have to tackle your landlord to live a life of your own without their interference .So if you have ever stayed at a PG , then here are a few things that you can surely relate to


PG’s are a no boy zone and you get strict  instructions for the same. There are constant reminders regarding the entry timing, boys and much more.

  • Fights with Landlord

This problem is faced by every girl. The landlords believe that their PG is the safest and best so they have the liberty to increase the rent without prior notice.

  • Sharing is caring

We know sharing is caring but in a PG it is a compulsion. Girls share everything from wardrobe to bathroom, from sleepers to accessories and obviously the food. Living with roommates become a habit so does sharing.

  • Annoying roommates

Getting the right roommate is a task for girls. There are roommates who play loud music or switch on the light till late night or some plan a party without telling you. ARGH! Though with time the bonding grows and the problems do get solved to an extend.


  • Catfights

This is the most common thing that every girl experience in PG. They laugh, cry, fights, love and complain together.  They fight like cats but then come back to normal quickly.

  • Emotional support

Roomies are our emotional support system. These girls are always there for each other in their good and bad.

  • Food

Though food is provided but that’s just too bland or boring so cooking without a stove is another struggle . Cooking maggi and paranthas on  iron is so much fun.



  • Electricity Bills

You get constant reminders on saving electricity by landlord turning off the the coolers and air conditioners.

Despite so many difficulties, when the time to leave the PG comes, you surely miss it. PG life gives golden memories and lifetime bonds.