Things short people don’t want to hear!

Things short people are tired of hearing

Nobody asks for the height they have, but the lack of growing up or being short comes with its own set of jibes that can totally freak you out at times. People somehow always happen to remind you about you being short or not being tall enough and trust me on this, all of us short people are really not interested! So here are some annoying things short people don’t want to hear.

Short girls problems
Short girls problems
  • “You fit in kids clothing?!”

It is often presumed that you must fit in kids clothing due to which people usually tell you how lucky are you that you can fit into kids clothing as clothes meant for kids are so adorable.

  • “Hi, their armrest!”

People consciously or unconsciously happen to use you as an armrest which gets really annoying after a certain point of time. You might also be sick to hear about how perfect are you as an armrest.

  • “I feel so tall next to you!”

The average height people tend to remind you how short you are by telling you that they feel so tall whenever they are near or next to you. Well, I am happy that I made you feel so!

  • “How is the weather down there?”

This is the statement that is commonly used to ask how are you too short people. Well, you can just ask this question directly because the weather down here is always same as the weather up there.

  • “ID please”

You are often asked to show your ID whenever you go for an A certified movie or a place where only adults are allowed because people usually assume you to be underage for this. Thanks to the short height!

  • “Walk fast!”

Since your little body has tiny legs so you take small steps and hence are a slow walker to other people. People often ask you to walk a little faster and you are just like “I am tiny, I take small steps, bear me with me now!

  • “Can you even see over the steering wheel?!”

People usually have trust issues when it comes to a short person driving a car. They constantly question you whether your legs reach down at the accelerator, break and the clutch or are you even able to see over the steering wheel.

Are you short and have you faced similar issues?