Things skinny girls are tired of hearing

This is what you must be tired of hearing if you are skinny

Skinny is a positive word unlike fat. But skinny girls are given free advice (which they don’t want) regarding their appearance . It’s not the lines or words but the way they are framed makes them super annoying. Being skinny is good  but because of few at times you hate being so. Listening those patent silly compliments at times can get on your nerves. So if also you have a skinny friend avoid saying these lines to her because she might not express it but they are super annoying .

You look boyish!


People will surely make comments regarding your figure. Being skinny is like having no curves and hence you can always find people annoying you by calling a boyish figure.

Do you ever eat?


Though you eat much more than many, still you are asked the same question as to whether you really eat anything or not?

The wind can blow you away

Skinny people are often hit with this joke. But, it has to be noted that many skinny people are much more powerful than those who are not!

Are you sick?

Being skinny doesn’t means that he or she is always unwell.

Weird suggestions


Suggestions to eat something is the most frequent thing heard by skinny people.

Is that all you will eat?

This is the most annoying question!God knows that why people forget that one should eat properly but not over eat.

You are lucky, you can wear anything you want!

Seeing a skinny girl everybody assumes that she can wear all that she wants. But, this has nothing to do with reality as skinny people too have to think before putting on something.

What is your weight?


Weight has always been a problem for skinny people and they are asked the same thing again and again.

You are thin as a stick!

This is the weirdest thing that a skinny girl would have heard.

Please take some of my fat


A skinny girl is always joked to borrow other’s fat. Well, I being a skinny girl always think, “Why the hell should I borrow fat from others”?

Are you also skinny and have heard the same lines? Do share with us your annoying experiences and weird advises you get