Things to avoid and eat during Lunar Eclipse

Check out the list of things you must eat and avoid during Chandra Grahan: 

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes the Earth exactly. Today is also Lunar Eclipse but what is special is that it is taking place with Guru Purnima on the same day after 149 years. It is one of the biggest eclipses that sky gazers will enjoy. The Moon will be covered by Earth’s shadow at maximum eclipse. In some religions this day is not considered normal and hence there are some restrictions on what to eat and what not to on this day. The cycle of moon impacts human system in every aspect. So, here is a list of foods that you can eat or avoid during lunar eclipse: 

List of foods that you can eat: 

  • Raw fruits and veggies 

The harmful rays that are emitted during the eclipse can harm cooked food. That is the reason people believe that a sattvik diet or eating raw food, fruits and vegetables are safe during that time. 

  • Ginger water 

It is believed that plain water gets contaminated during an eclipse, so you can add ginger powder to the water. It is considered safe and keep you hydrated throughout the eclipse. 

  • Coconut water 

The thick shells of coconut water protects it from the harmful rays of eclipse, so it safe to drink it. It will be great if you consume water directly from the shell rather than storing it in any container. 

  • Pear

This fruit is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, they can be consumed during an eclipse. 

Things to avoid: 

  • Alcohol 

You should not consume alcohol at this time as it is said to have a negative impact on your body. The impact increases during this time. 

  • Non-Vegetarian food 

SOurce: Pinterest
SOurce: Pinterest

Non-veg food is affected by the negative energies during the lunar eclipse and it must be completely avoided. It takes a lot of time to be digested, hence is unsafe to be consumed during an eclipse. 

  • Pre-cooked food 

Cooked food can be harmful to the body during this time. The ultraviolet radiation that destroys the bacteria becomes very low during the eclipse. This leads to the growth of microorganisms. This makes most of the cooked food unsafe for eating. But if you have cooked food then you can add Holy Basil in your food. 

SOurce: Pinterest
SOurce: Pinterest

Things to avoid: 

  • It is said that one should not eat food cooked even nine hours before the eclipse.
  • Avoid traveling 
  •  We must not offer meals to god at this time 
  • Pregnant women are advised to stay indoors
  • Do not involve in sexual activities.

According to Indian astrology, the celestial bodies like the sun and moon have an effect on our bodies and an eclipse can also have an impact on our bodies. That is why some people observe fast during eclipse.