Things vegetarians are tired of hearing

Things vegetarians are tired of hearing/Pexel
Things vegetarians are tired of hearing/Pexel

We all have our reasons and choices for eating a certain kind of food, be it meat or just greens. Our eating preferences are totally based on what we want to have and some people need to understand that. Being  a vegetarian,  my family and friends have annoyed me  with their opinions and comments for not eating meat. Just like me many vegetarians often come across the following lines by meat-eaters that they surely don’t want to hear anymore.

“Where do you get your proteins from?”

All you non-veg lovers need to understand that vegetables do have proteins in good quantity. It’s not only chicken or fish that are rich in protein.

Vegetarian food/pexel

“Dude, you don’t realise what are you missing out in your life!”

Meat might have an amazing taste but it’s not the only good thing that exists. Also, everyone misses out some or the other thing in life, so it’s completely okay to skip it.

“You must be very religious?”

People often say that one doesn’t eat non-veg because their religion does not permit them. But it is not always the case. Everyone’s has their choice over religion to choose their food.

“Seriously? Kabhi nahi khaya?”

The non vegetarians get shocked when they discover that you haven’t  had it even once in your life. They should understand that its normal for someone to not eat non-veg through out the life.

“Yaar gravy hi taste karle!”

Vegetarians are often forced to at least taste the gravy of a non-veg dish to get an idea how delicious it is. If someone is not comfortable eating it, you should never poke someone time and again to try it.

Vegetarian food/ Pexel
Vegetarian food/ Pexel

“How will you manage abroad’ 

People are opting for vegan diet for good health so finding a vegetarian dish is no big thing. Also Mexican cuisine has some amazing options for vegetarians.

“Plants are also living creatures. We are even!”

Humans need food to survive. Hence, some people eat non-veg and some people eat veg which ultimately comes from living beings. So, let’s just be cool about it.

 “What do you even eat when you are out?”

Good morning guys, there is a vegetarian menu which has several options to satisfy our hunger pangs and taste buds. So basically, you have nothing to worry in regard to what we eat when we are out.

Lastly, Eat and enjoy whatever you eat!