Things women do only during winters

Things girls only do during the winter season!

Winters are here and so is the season of things we avoid through out the year. There are many things we do only during the winter season and Teaw AAW lists few of them. We are sure you will relate to many of them

Eat: No matter how much dieting we do throughout the year during winters we forget all diet and relish some amazing food like gajar ka halwa, gobhi ke parantha , gulab jamun, peanuts , makki ki roti with saag, and other ghee laden dishes.

Winter layering
Winter layering

Layering: No one likes to wear multiple layers of clothes but during winters we all love doing it. Thermals, sweatshirt, jacket , scarves and gloves we wear everything just to feel warm.

Lazy: We all tend to get super lazy during winters and just want to be in our cozy blanket and rest through out the day.  At times we also cancel dinner dates just to avoid going out of our blanket.

Sunshine: During summers we hate sun but its just the opposite in winters. We pray to see sun every day for at least an hour or two so that we can feel better and brighter.

Feel warm: Whether it’s hot tea, coffee, or water we just love to heat our hands by keeping them on the sides of the cup to feel warm. This just happens when we are away from the heater as when we are near the heater we hardly take our hands off the heater.


Vacations: No matter how cold it is we all love to go on vacation to a hill station and hope to experience snowfall. If not snowfall at least play and enjoy in the snow.

Not getting beauty treatments done: In winters since the skin feels better, we avoid all those facials and waxing is the first thing we start skipping the minute the weather permits. Some of my friends who love their ripped jeans, clear hair only from that area to appear perfect. Go figure.

Drink too little water: Water is a friend but in winters its really difficult to have water as we don’t feel thirsty. However, our body requires a minimal 6 glasses of water for healthy functioning.

Winters truly unleash our inner sloth unless we need to make a public appearance, then we neat up pretty well! What all do you avoid doing in winters, tell us in the comments below.