What your eye colour says about you

Someone was genuinely right when they said that eyes are the windows to the soul. Yes eyes reflect our moods, nature but did you know they also tell your personality? Eyes often reveal more about that you care and make you an open book to onlookers.

What your eye colour says about you
What your eye colour says about you

Our eyes have many distinguished colours while some are blessed with gorgeous hazel eyes, some have that deep blue sea colour. Did you know that no two people in the world have exactly the same eye colour?

We all have different eye colours depending on the amount of melanin pigments present in our eye’s iris. Here’s what your eye colour says about you:

Black eyes: Black is one of the rare eye colours. Yes! Rare, usually what we call black are darkest brown eyes.

What it tells about your personality: You are a person who is lively and full of passion. You will not leave a work unless you give it your 100 percent and finish it. You are very competitive and try to show that you can do a task better than anybody else. People with black eyes are secretive. They don’t trust anyone with their feelings and don’t fall in love quicky but when they do they are fierce loyal lovers.

Brown eyes: People have brown eyes because of large amount of melanin pigments in their eyes. Brown eye colour is one of the most common eye colours in India and all over the world.

What it tells about your personality: Brown colour is an earthy but rich colour. It represents simplicity, strength and creativity. If you are a person with brown colour then you are likely to be the life of a party. People with brown are close to nature and don’t love materialistic possessions. They are great lovers and they make their partner feel very special. They are extroverts and love making new friends. But still they are afraid to express their feelings in front of others. They are wise and will help you with sane advice. They are quite creative and have a great good fashion sense.

Blue eyes: Blue eyes are the most attractive pair of eyes. Worldwide, they are the most popular eye colours.

What it tells about your personality: Blue eyed people are charming, attractive and very friendly. People with blue eyes are spontaneous and energetic people and live their life fully. They have a natural tendency to make others happy. They try to help people in need and are very kind and sincere. They are also very spiritual and want a long lasting love life. They have a great observation power and you cannot fool them.

Grey eyes: Grey is a unique eye colour.

What it tells about your personality: People with gray eyes are born leaders. They are best at resolving issues between people as they are fair. They have a strong nature and will never bow to external pressure. They can easily adapt to any new environment. They are street smart, with a good business sense. They have a calm nature and people love to be around them. They are not very adventurous. They love to keep their surroundings neat and clean. They manage their lives easily with practical thinking and wise decisions.

Green eyes: Green eyes are popular and usually associated with creative people.

What it tells about your personality: Green eyed people have a vibrant personality. They love adventure and like taking challenges on a whim. They love taking revenge and you would not want to hurt them. They are very good speakers. They do not like anyone to stand in their way of living their lives fully. They are passionate lovers and tend to have long relationships. But they can be very jealous sometimes.

Hazel eyes: Hazel is a sought after eye colour.

What it tells about your personality: Hazel eyed people love to accept challenges. They will never back down from a fight and prove that they are the best. They are sweet, empathetic and kind people fr as long as they want. They have a very short temper and you would not want to come in their way while they are mad. They have all the qualities of brown and green eyed people.

So what do your eyes say about you?