6 ways men subtly ask for sex

Sex is a center-stone of married life or a relationship. But men feel awkward asking their wife or girlfriend to start doing the deed. Though many men admit that they try to give subtle clues and wait for a response. So here are a few ways your man could be seeking action between the sheets

‘Let me give you a back or head massage’

This is the most common excuse to get touchy-feel and create the mood. Say ‘yes’ of you intended to do the deed, please do not expect a relaxing head or back massage.  Also this massage can make you feel tuned and willing to do the deed.

‘What are our plans for tonight?’

Your hubby is not interested in listening to your office gossip or what is happening on Balika Vadhu. It is way of asking are you free to indulge in sex tonight!

‘Let me help you clear the table, set the sheets (any domestic chores)’

We all know late night domestic chores after a day at work can be tiring and bothersome. If your hubby wants to help you by doing some work he usually would not, he wants you to be free quickly. Doing domestic chores also makes him think you might be less grouchy and tired.

‘You look so pretty/hot/thin’

You spent two hours in the kitchen cooking food, making kids have dinner and are sweaty when your hubby says these lines he wants sex-plain and simple.

‘Can I get you something?’

If your husband is extra-sensitive to your needs tonight he wants to have passionate sex.

Any other indirect ways your husband has asked you to make love?