7 Reasons why sex is important

Sex is fun, a great stress-buster and mood-lifter. Love making is an art and AAW tells you some health benefits of engaging in the art of love making.

Boost Immunity: People who have sex twice or thrice a week have higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin which helps boost immunity and protect you from getting cold and other infections.

Sound sleep: Having sex before going to sleep helps in a restful slumber as the exhaustion following intercourse is a natural reaction of the body which helps in inducing sleep.

Controls blood pressure: Sex is an exercise that raises heart rate and blood flow. According to a British study people who have sex regularly are likely to have less fatal heart attacks.

Weight loss: We all know that sex helps you to keep fit by burning calories. It burns between 75 and 150 calories per half-hour and also helps your muscles stay lean.

Relives pain: The hormone oxytocin boosts your body’s painkillers, called endorphins which in turn have the power to ease out pain during periods, arthritis and migraine.

Beautiful skin: During intercourse the body produces a hormone which improves completion and gives you a healthy skin.

Increases fertility: For all the ladies who want to become mummies soon, here is good news. Better sex leads to better chances of conception. The better the quality of sex the higher are the chances of getting pregnant.