Awkward making out mistakes!

Weird things that happen when you are making out!

Showing love towards your partner is a beautiful feeling. Many couples wait for the perfect time for their first kiss and want it to be really special but at times things do not go the way we want. Embarrassing things can happen to anyone at any point in life; even while making out. They do not come with a warning so, do not feel too sad about it just take it in a fun way and enjoy. Here are some of the most common awkward things that everyone can face during an intense make-out session.

Tongue Bite


At times while kissing too hard you may end up biting the tongue which hurts!

The nose can come in between

When we try kissing, one of the partner’s nose may come in between. At that moment the couple faces a problem in changing the angle and adjust the face accordingly.

Kiss on teeth

You might have noticed that when your bae is about to kiss, you suddenly smile because of which he kisses your teeth. This is funny but very cute!

Want to sneeze

This is one of the funniest things as it’s not in your hand!

Lip Injury

It’s okay to be wild but at times this wildness results in lip injury!  You do not realize that while madly making out you may bite the lips too.

Bad Breath

For a perfect kiss you need to have a cool and fresh breath otherwise your partner may feel horrible.

Kiss goes wrong

Sometimes you miss the right target!

Burp and Hiccups

Oh! Even this is really embarrassing and at this time we just want it to go away!

Tired of kissing

Continuously kissing makes you tired and leads to shortness of breath.  Because of which you need a little break in between to relax!

 Eye contact

Mostly girls like their guy’s eyes to be closed while smooching but at times the boys keep their eyes open which makes it little uncomfortable for the girl.

Which is the funniest thing you have experienced when making out?