Chemicals in cosmetics can harm women

Study shows chemicals in cosmetic are ruining our hormonal system:

There are many beauty products that women use and they range from different brands to different concoctions. And we keep on changing them with time as the new ones promise better things! But did you know these products can have a negative impact on your hormones? Well yes, chemicals used in many beauty products that we use can be harmful for hormones.

In a recent study, it has been seen that chemicals used in these products have a bad impact on the reproductive hormones in women. As per the study, a total of 509 urine samples were collected from 143 women who used beauty products regularly and were aged between 18 to 44 years to test the effects. The study highlighted that the chemicals found in beauty products we use carry an insane amount of preservatives which can be harmful for the hormones.


The head of the study told a journal that this study is the first to examine mixtures of chemicals that are widely used in personal care products in relation to hormones in healthy, reproductive-age women, using multiple measures of exposure across the menstrual cycle, which improved upon research that relied on one or two measures of chemicals.

He also added, “What we should take away from this study is that we may need to be careful about the chemicals in the beauty and personal care products we use We have early indicators that chemicals such as parables may increase estrogen levels. If this finding is confirmed by additional research, it could have implications for estrogen-dependent diseases such as breast cancer.”

This shows that even a small exposure to chemicals can affect the reproductive hormone levels in women.