Different places to have sex


With a passage of time sex life of a couple becomes dull and unexciting because of stress and tension. To rekindle it, changing places is very essential. Here is how to go about it to add spark to your sex life.

So shun the bed and utilize different corners and places in your house to add some spice into your sex life.

 Lawn: Forget the bed and enjoy a scintillating sex with your partner in the lawn midst greenery and flowers. The floral smell around will surely lift up your mood. Tip: Use your personal lawn but if you are a bit of an exhibitionist try the colony lawn. But prefer it at night!

 Terrace: Have a date with the stars under the sky with your darling. The brightness of the moon, stars and the open air are perfect for a reverie. See the weather before trying this out or plan one in the rains for an extra element.

Kitchen: After cooking a perfect meal for him turn the kitchen slab into your love nest. Clean the slabs properly and spray some room freshener to get rid of the foul smell.

 Dining Table: The long and strong dining table is a comfortable place to satisfy your partner. Use your dining table to re-kindle your sex life. You can also put some flower petals and aroma candles around to make it pleasurable.

 Stairs: Don’t be amazed. You can surely share some intimate moments on the stairs of your apartment when there is no one to disturb you. Never try it at mall because camera captures et-all and a sex tape is Sunny Leone’s domain not yours!

Jacuzzi: Take a refreshing shower and add some foreplay to it. Use water to play around and massaging to heighten your pleasure. For fun in water try a Jacuzzi or tub.

Washing machine: Try your washing area. Cover the machine and switch it on. Try primal sex atop it! The gentle vibrations from the machine will heighten the whole experience