Must haves of your winter wardrobe

winter fashion/pexel
winter fashion/pexel

It’s  winters and all we want to do is sip coffee tucked away in bed. One of the major dilemmas that we face is how to balance covering ourselves without compromising with the latest fashion. Since every season has its must-have wardrobe items and in winter, it’s all about being warm while remaining stylish. Here are few winter wardrobe essentials you need in your wardrobe this winter to look pretty and classy.

1) Stoles

They’re thinner than the traditional shawls and not only make you feel lighter but also more stylish and fashionable. They come in different colors and designs and are very reasonable for a young pocket.

2) Socks

Socks can be fun to choose, buy and wear in winters. You can choose from varied colors, designs,  material-fur , cotton,  linen, different lengths and what not! And they come as cheap as 25 bucks for a pair! What a deal!

3) Caps

We are not talking about the  regular caps that your mom makes you wear every time you step out of your house. Winter caps have turned very stylish nowadays with cartoons, emojis, flowers, designs and a lot more and they keep your head and ears warm.

Brown Knee Length Boots by Hush Puppies
Brown Knee Length 

4) Boots

Duh, is that even a question!? Boots are a MUST! Boots now come in a all sizes and lengths, with and without fur and heels. They not only make you feel great but also go well with a variety of outfits which means you can use them on multiple occasions.

5) Overcoats

Overcoats are great fashion tools. They keep you warm and cover you in abundance. Not only that, they are practically always in trend! So effective!

 6) Turtleneck Top

Investing in a turtleneck top will ensure that your neck is nice and snug all winter long! This style looks good with anything whether it be paired with a sweater , sleeveless dress or simply worn on its own with jeans.

7) Stockings

Wear your summer dresses in winters with stocking and tights. They not only look stylish but also keeps you warm. Wear them with skirts , dresses, shorts or tunics. You can go for fishnet, lacy or sheet black.


8) Hats and gloves
Now there are super cute and stylish gloves available in the market  with fur, pompoms , glitters and other things to make you fashionably winter ready in a snap

Here’s wishing you a warm and fashion-studded winter this year.