Unexpected sex moves men love

Sex can get very regular and vanilla. A lot of women want to make sex more pleasurable for the partner. Step out of your comfort zone and try these bedroom moves to wow your man. They are simple, easy and lust-worthy.

 Talk dirty: Men love dirty talk.  Talk about what you want him to do in crude crass words! He will enjoy it but before beginning tell your man that all this is not to be treated as a joke later!

 Longer foreplay: Foreplay is an expected move in bed. But for twists tell your guy that the main deed does not start unless one of you begs for it! Enjoy the longest and challenging foreplay session.

 Let him control: Men love to control the situation when it comes to sex. It is a primal instinct. Let him prove his love making skills and make this challenging. You are going to be satiated after this one.

 Touch yourself: This drives men wild. A woman who knows what she wants and how she wants it can turn on a guy.

 Food fun: Food always adds dimension to foreplay and sex. Get some desserts or ice or vodka. Lick ice-cream, whipped cream off each others back.