Amazing Wellness tips for Bride-to-Be

Check out some wonderful wellness tips for bride-to-be:

A marriage is a huge occasion for people in India. It is seen as a vow of commitment and lasting relationship. Though it is a happy occasion, for the couples getting married, it could be a matter of great anxiety. Those anxious phone calls with your bestie on what’s left to be done, those frantic calls to your designer to that never-to-say-bye texts with your would-be to make sure that there are no guests you have missed or so on cannot surely be avoided.

I think the fun element about a wedding is the easy blend of anxiety and excitement. And there’s this pressure of looking right and feeling perfect- all through these ceremonies. That’s precisely why I always suggest that taking care of your health is the first step to happy living.

Who doesn’t want to look like Deepika Padukone or Anushka Sharma at their wedding? That perfect skin, comfortable chemistry and a happy glow on their faces were unmatched. No matter how hard you try, you seem to look stressed and exhausted. Does this seem like your story? Here are 3 easy tips for wellness that you must follow:

  • Meditate regularly

No matter how stressed you are and how little time you have for all your prior appointments and commitments, this one is important. When you meditate regularly, it helps in striking a balance internally as well as helps your skin to glow. What’s better? Meditating can help you with almost all body functions.

  • Hydration is the key

I can’t stress how important this one thing is! Drinking water, not only helps your body to replenish its nutrients and cells but also helps your skin and hair in a great way. The human body majorly consists of water and moreover, you need water to function to the fullest. Have at least 3 liters of water a day for a soft, supple, clear skin. Make sure you AVOID coffee or alcohol as these dehydrate your body completely. You could also have lots of fresh fruit juices, lemon water or coconut water and vegetable juices to help your body with hydration. You can add sabja seeds to water to help your skin glow faster.

  • Eat colorful foods

It is extremely important that you eat well so you stay fit on your big day. Include all colours of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Make sure you eat a balanced meal and never skip a meal. Eat a mix of all fruits and vegetables. Make sure you include more and more foods loaded with Vitamin C as it helps in increasing your immunity. Vitamin C also helps in achieving that dewy and clear skin.

Even though I believe all of this is extremely important and fundamental to a bride’s health, I would emphasize that it’s ok if all things aren’t as perfect as you expect them to be. It is okay if things aren’t exactly as you wanted them to be. After all, it is your day of celebration. So, sit back and enjoy the wedding!