5 Reasons you hate Monday

Reasons you hate Monday and how to come over them!

Time management
Time management/pixabay

We all have a love, well not really, only a hate-hate relationship with Monday. Especially when we need to hit work, I love those extended weekends where Monday is a holiday, know what I mean? Well often the first day of week and everyone is stressed about finishing their pending work, scheduling the meetings for the week and being in general busy. Here are 5 reasons you or your co-workers are grumpy asses today:

You got up late

Those 10 minute snooze hits on the alarm are great for your sleep but the make you late. From dressing up in a hurry to grabbing a toast (mostly no breakfast) and still reaching late can make you very grumpy on Mondays.

Best tip: Try set that alarm half an hour early so that even if you snooze, you get up on time.

Coffee at work
Coffee at work

You hate your job or your boss

This is supposedly the number one reason for most people. A bad boss is as bad as being stuck in a job you hate.

Best tip: Look for something you love. And if your boss is a problem and you love that job. Ignore him!


You had a great weekend

Parties, get together with family, a trip to the mall all made you so happy on Sunday and now you feel the world has ended in your grey little cubicle? Well you did have fun over the weekend, so look back on social media to get your smile back.

Best tip: Always schedule a dinner with friends or a quick manicure on Monday to lift your spirits up. You can also perk up your cubicle with bright and happy photos. Try to keep them generic over too personal.

You are still hungover

Ahh! That last glass of vodka did hit you in the face today morning? Well drinking a night before work and that too heavily is a bad bad idea. Not only are your sleepy, you have a massive headache you cannot control.

Best tip: Have a kickass black coffee and wake up and make it till the evening.

Bad traffic
Bad traffic/pixabay

There was bad traffic today

Traffic especially on Monday’s tends to be worse with sever jams and bottlenecks. Metro too slows down. Making you late to work and unhappy about being late.

Best tip: Please leave home 5 minutes beforehand and se the huge difference it makes! Also use your mobile traffic application to see where there is a bottleneck and how to avoid it.