6 life lessons to learn from Mary Kom

Mary Kom
Mary Kom

Mary Kom is not a film only about women empowerment and her journey but has a deeper message for everyone especially Indian women. Here are 6 life lessons we at AAW learnt from Priyanka Chopra starrer Mary Kom:

Being strong doesn’t mean looking ugly: Somehow this is one common misconception we all have. Just because a woman is strong doesn’t mean she has to look manly, ugly or not wear makeup. Priyanka looks stunning even when fighting. Mary Kom looks beautiful as a white veiled bride.

Fight like a girl: We have always heard of fight like a man but somehow Mary Kom with her tough demeanor and those killer muscles ends those sayings. Somehow you want to fight and hope that everyone fights like a girl. Mary Kom makes you remember that girls are not born weak but oppressed to act weak.

Perseverance is important: Mary Kom’s achievements are also due to fact that she gave it a 100%.. Whenever life pulled her down she bounced back harder and more determined. Mary Kom trained hard and brought every last ounce of energy to earn her title.

Never quit trying: The film’s music makes you feel determined to work and push harder than you did before. Mary Kom makes you realize it is not about winning but also about not getting low or quitting when you lose.

Fight the social norms: The so called class ceiling and the social norms which restrict women need to be broken or even better shattered and Mary breaks many restrictive social norms by her determination.

Exercise: Mary Kom shows why physical fitness and workout are must for women. We all may not fight at the boxing ring but in the daily routine exercising helps us become stronger and better physically.