Are you mentally strong? Find it out

Not everyone can say that they are mentally strong. Mental strength is way more important than physical strength. Well we are not saying that physical strength is not important, it is, but being mentally strong will make a person more successful in life and at peace with themselves.

Brain is a complicated organ, so having it work in the right direction can lead you to great things in life. It is not easy for one to become mentally strong as it takes times, will power and hard work to achieve this goal. People have to daily push themselves to grow, achieve confidence and much more. A mentally strong person will never waste their time feeling a sense of sorry for themselves.

Wondering are you mentally strong? Well here are 20 signs that prove if a person is mentally strong or not.

  1. They think of their mistakes as lessons:

Mentally strong people don’t try to hide or justify their mistakes Rather they try hard to mend them or they learn from them.

  1. They do not get jealous of other people’s success:

People who are mentally strong, honorably celebrate other people’s achievements. They are the kind of people who will like to work together rather than competing with others. They don’t feel jealous with other’s success.

  1. Participate in problem solving:

Rather than mulling over problems, mentally strong people like to find a solution to them.

Problem solving
  1. They show gratitude:

Rather than being greedy and needy, mentally strong people are grateful of what they have.

  1. Failure never breaks them:

They will never let failure break them rather they take it as a positive opportunity and bounce back from it.

  1. They balance feelings with logic:

In order to make great decisions, mentally strong people balance their emotions with logic. They do not let their feeling effect their thinking.

  1. They don’t let their achievements measure their self- worth:

A mentally strong person will be happy regardless they win or lose.

You win you lose
  1. A productive behavior:

Excuses or running from problems might be tempting, but mentally strong people will never waste their time on unproductive things.

  1. They do not like to show off their skills, but enhance them:

A mentally strong person will never seek for recognition, but like to become a better person.

Thrive for betterment
  1. Willing to adapt to changes:

Mentally strong people will try their best to adapt to changes, rather than dwelling over them.

Adapt to changed

11.Take responsibility for their actions:

Every decision they make, whether good or bad, a mentally strong person will never blame anyone but themselves.

12. Adversities of life are great opportunities:

A normal person would be nasty about hardships that come along the way, but a mentally strong person take difficulties as opportunities for growth

13.They like to give attention to things they can control:

Mentally strong people are productive and effective, therefore, they like to focus on things that are under their control.

14.They confront fears that obstruct them:

They don’t like to face their fears just because they have something to prove to others, but they conquer the fears that prevent them from making progress.

Over come fears

15.They like to live according to their principles:

Mentally strong people will have their priorities fixed and are comfortable living with their own beliefs.

Be true to yourself

16.They are optimistic but also realistic:

Mentally strong people will always find the positive in everything but will think everything realistically too .


17.They are open to learning new things:

Mentally strong people are always trying to learn new and exciting things from their surroundings.

18.They exercise delayed satisfaction:

They see their work as a marathon and are ready to tolerate short term problem for long term gains.

19.They have a bona fide life:

Mentally strong people are honest to themselves and live an authentic life.

20.They balance self- acceptance with self- development:

They accept themselves and at the same time try to improve themselves for better.

We hope these pointer give you an insight of where exactly do you land on the spectrum of mental strength. If you think you are not mentally strong, then it’s still not late to start working on it.