Best career according to your zodiac

zodiac sign/freedigitalphotos
zodiac sign/freedigitalphotos

Confused about what career to pick? Often people get confused over the choice of their career and many can’t find job satisfaction but your zodiac sign can lead the way and help you select the right job. Here is what career you should aim for according to your zodiac:

Aries: The youngest sign in the zodiac is represented by a ram. Aries are strong willed, vibrant, and competitive. They thrive on commission-based jobs, especially if bonuses are involved. Due to their bravery they make excellent police officers, firefighters and army men. Advertising and public relations appeal to their outgoing nature.

Best jobs: Entrepreneur, soldier, rescue worker, government and politics also work well.

Taurus: Taurus are stable people ad are hard working. The enjoy guarantees in their job like good benefits, vacation time, salary, job security.

Best jobs: Accountant, educator, engineer, lawyer, designer, and chef.

Gemini: Gemini enjoy intellectual stimulating. Remember Geminis are twins, that means you have two people in you! They love fast-paced, pressured jobs and won’t survive tedious or repetitive work.  Travel and jobs which require social networking are perfect.

Best jobs: stockbroker, technical support, teacher, architect, and rescue worker.

Cancer: Cancer is said to be the mother of zodiac signs, they are sensitive and enjoy nurturing jobs. Cancerians make excellent executives who love multi-tasking. Cancerians give great advice and handle responsibility with ease.

Best jobs: Social worker, childcare, human resources, lawyer, teacher, CEO, and soldier.

Leo: The mighty lion loves lead the company to success and high profits. Fearless, inspiring, and independent, Leos work best under the spotlight and love jobs with status and power. Leos do not enjoy team work but can work their way out by their charm.

Best jobs: CEO, real estate agent, interior decorator, fashion designer, government employees.

Virgo: Virgos are known for their perfectionism and love detail-oriented professions. Virgos do well in service jobs and love writing, research, and statistics as they have a knack for languages.

Best jobs: editor/writer, teacher, critic, technician, translator.

Libra: Good-looking, charming, gracious and entertaining they have the perfect cooperative nature that makes them excellent ambassadors and team leaders. Libras thrive in buzzing, social environments.

Best jobs: diplomat, dancer, salesperson, travel agent, supervisor.

Scorpio: Scorpios have a knack to block out distractions, concentrate, and focus. They are curious and are not only intimidating, but also intuitive.

Best jobs: detective, lawyer, educator, scientist, surgeon, physicist.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians are ethical, full of energy, and make excellent decision-makers. They are fair and easygoing bosses. Sagittarians are spiritual and they also love to travel.

Best jobs: minister, editor, public relations, and anything to do with travel.

Capricorn: Capricorns are ambitious and love challenges.  They are determined and persistent along with responsible and enjoy power. They tend to be workaholics.

Best jobs: manager, administrator, editor, banker, IT.

Aquarius: Aquarians are humanitarian by nature and love exploring avant-garde ideas. They have a curious and adventurous nature. They love unconventional jobs and often rebel against corporate environments as they need freedom of thought and movement.

Best jobs: scientist, organic farmer, designer, musician.

Pisces: The oldest zodiac sign and Pisceans are creative and passionate. They excel in the traditional arts (music, dance, photography). Many astrologers and tarot practitioners are Pisces.

Best jobs: artist, nurse, physical therapist, psychologist.