Here’s how to react to compliments

Learn how to appreciate compliments

Everyone loves to be complimented and praised. It’s normal human nature. But accepting compliments seems to be the most difficult thing to do. If you achieve something, you want people to notice and compliment you, but really don’t know how to respond to it.

Great job
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There are times when we get very awkward and make the compliment giver uncomfortable. Rather than sweetly accepting the praise, we sometimes dilute the compliment. Though you might feel that your response is correct, but it only insults the giver. So if you even fall short of words when someone compliments you, then use the following tips to avoid the awkwardness.

  • Be appreciative:

When someone compliments you, all they want is you to show some gratitude towards their comment. Rather than making a joke about yourself or denying the compliment, simple say “Thank you”.  The person giving you the compliment would love this polite and simple response.

Show appreciation
Show appreciation / freedigitalphotos
  • Avoid shifting the topic:

No matter how awkward the situation might turn, avoid changing the topic. You have worked hard and deserve the praise. This will not make you a self-obsessed person.

  • Make sure you share the glory:

If you are being complimented for a team project, make sure you do not forget to mention the hard work put in by the others. It is not right to take credit for the work you haven’t even done. If you don’t acknowledge other people’s work, you will be the least liked person at work.

  • Do not erode a compliment:

When receiving a compliment, do not behave all arrogant. Don’t say phrases like “oh, it was nothing”, “it’s no big deal”. When you downplay a praise, it comes as a rejection to the giver. This can be rude and nasty.

Do not erode the praise
Do not erode the praise/ freedigitalphotos
  • Dodge the praise fight:

When you receive a compliment, avoid giving the reply with a compliment. It’s good to compliment others, but do not do it immediately. First hear the person out and then maybe later you can add in the praise for the other person.

  • Your body language should be correct:

Do not get fidgety, or start fiddling with your hands or clothes. Try and maintain eye contact at all times. Do not look disinterested; instead have a heartfelt facial appearance and relish the compliment.

Have proper body language
Have proper body language/ freedigitalphotos

Compliments can make people happy, and if you get one then appreciate it. Praises mean people are observing your work and love it. It’s an excellent feeling.