Ideas for Diwali celebrations at office!

Some options to make Diwali party at office fun

Diwali is celebrated with full zeal and excitement in offices as well. Music, food and dressing up are too mainstream for office Diwali celebrations now. There should be more fun and happening activities. These activities not only make the function fun but also memorable. Usually, everyone in the office is busy with work and no one plans for such things. So to make your task easy, we have come up with some of the options that you can do to make your office Diwali function fun.

  • Mela


Organize a Diwali Mela in office, you can ask people to get special dishes of their culture from the home and share it with everyone. There can be some items to sell as well; you can invite few people who can sell their stuff in your office Mela.  This will be a fun idea.

  • Games

You can plan for some fun games like lip reading, Dubsmashing, blindfold, dumb charades and whisper etc. All of these games will be a lot of fun and enjoyment.

  • Tasks

Now this will be something challenging and amusing, you can plan for some sports tasks by giving them a little twist. You can go for: Lemon race, Rag race, obstacle race and one-legged race etc.

  • Group performances

This is the entertaining one, just divide the whole office staff into groups and encourage them to give a group performance. Now, this can be any performance as in dance, singing or acting. This will be interactive as well.

  • Activites

    Rangoli making
    Rangoli making

You can initiate few interesting activities in your office like Rangoli making, pottery making, decorating the work desks, cooking and drawing a caricature of the co-worker,   etc.

  • Theme based party

You can choose a theme for your office and do everything according to that which includes food menu, dressing style, and decoration style. Some examples can be: Ramayana themed party (dressing up in orange color, decoration with flowers and eating traditional food) or Color based theme etc.

  • Titles


This is the time of year where everyone is given gifts and bonus, so take one more step and appreciate your employees by giving them a specific title which they deserve. It will make them happy and Diwali celebrations greater.

Picture credits : Pinterest