Mistakes that can ruin your work reputation

How your work ethic impacts your work life

One of world’s most famous business tycoon, Warren Buffett says “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and just 5 minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

We all know that a good professional reputation is highly important in life. A good reputation brings many new opportunities your way. This in turn helps you get recommendations for amazing jobs and help you build your own networking. You get to meet new and reputed people who help you advance in your career.

We all know the importance of good reputation in the business world, but still some of us unintentionally make a few silly mistakes, that might ruin our reputation. So we will help you recognize a few of these mistakes and help you can watch out for them.

  1. Lying:

The most obvious, yet the most common mistake one makes. There is a saying that to hide one lie you have to say at least a hundred more. Lying is like a web and sometime you might just get stuck in it and lose all that you have worked hard for. So to protect your reputation, one should never lie.

  1. Being Negative:

Negativity can catch up to you really fast. If you speak ill of your colleagues or just be negative all the time, people will start to resent you. People will not like to be around you, which will affect your professional reputation.  There might be chances that you are deprived of some amazing opportunities due to this. Therefore, try and be positive and don’t indulge in a lot of office gossip.

Should not be negative
  1. Spelling and Grammatical errors:

Regardless of your qualifications, if you make mistakes like using weird capitalization or short forms in your emails, you will come across as unprofessional or illiterate. This gives you a very bad reputation, making it difficult for you to go ahead in your career. Therefore, when sending a professional mail, make sure you proof read it for any stupid mistakes.

Check before you send it
  1. Being frumpy:

Now a days a lot of companies don’t really have a dress code, but that doesn’t give you the liberty to wear sweat pants or gym clothes and show up to work. Being untidily dressed leaves a bad impression of you on the people around you. Being a little more careful of what you wear to work will show people that you are serious about work and care about those around you.

Dress good to work
  1. Not following up on outlines:

Regardless of the fact that technology has made life easier, face-to-face meetings with people has its own charm. If you are introduced to a new person, you should make sure that you follow up with him/her. This not only helps you with building your network but also helps you build a good reputation. Suppose if a person asks you to do a work but you don’t do it, then it get you a negative remark on that person’s mind.

Forgetting to do work
  1. Checking your phone during a meeting:

It is highly disrespectful if you check your messages or emails during a meeting. No matter how important, you should deviate your attention. This ruins your reputation as well as is awfully offensive.

Never check while in a meeting
  1. Arriving late:

Being late shows how joviality is a person. Not only this, it is also impolite. If there was a situation, make sure you inform the respective person and let them know the problem. This will not get you the title of the person who is lethargic and always late.

We hope these tips help you to build and maintain your professional reputation and help you professionally grow.