Reasons you might not get hired


After giving an interview most of us feel sure that the job is ours. But sometimes that call doesn’t come and you get disappointed. In today’s cut throat competition there are several reasons that you might not make the cut. Here is a checklist you must know before getting ready for that prestigious interview:

Lack of qualification: In India most jobs go to the over qualified. Yes you might have a better job experience but that degree matters. If this is an issue enroll in a long distance programme and upgrade your skills.

Do a background check: A background check about your future employer prepares you for the interview. Also look up interview questions online and see how well prepared you are. Think of the interview as an exam and preparing accordingly is the key to getting your dream job.

Late arrival: Always keep an extra 30 minutes for bad traffic and finding the way. There is no worse way to screw up your interview than reaching late.

Appearance matters: Stick to basic formal attire if unsure of the office environment. Never wear revealing or casual clothes as your employer may think you are not serious about the job.

Bitching about your previous employer: It’s a small world and bad mouthing a previous employer may lessen your chances of scoring the job. Always mention your past organisation, employer, immediate superior in positive light. This reflects your maturity and professionalism.

Communicate: Poor communication skills can often make you feel short changed at an interview. Upgrade your communication skills and always avoid slags like ya or yep.

Lack of enthusiasm:  You don’t smile during the interview, maintain a somber tone or appear distracted are surely never going to land you the job. Aim for a kill and show reasonable amount of enthusiasm and charm to impress the employer. Try and build a rapport, this really helps the employer identify you.