Spice up your working space with boho style

Stylish ways to beautify your workstation

Whether working from home or office, a lively working space is a must. We are no longer unaware of the consequences of Covid and hence, with the changes in working modes. Working from home is a new way of working introduced in that duration, and eventually, we are enjoying that too.

Here’s how you can give that tangy twist to your working space with boho style to lift your mood & engage all of you with your work.

  • Play with colors

For colors, you can opt for various options such as monochrome, neutral, earthy & muted. Just one tip: don’t go overboard with colors because that can be a distraction for you from your work. You can opt for all black too- to add a bit of drama:p

  • Furniture

If you are planning to go with boho-chic office vibes, your furniture should be contemporary, just boho and eclectic. The desk is the center of attention hence, it should be modern, cozy, and correspond to the working space décor. Keep your shelves & storage units clean & well-managed.

  • Place some decor pieces

To make your workplace a little more lively, go with various kinds of colorful gallery walls with signs, decorative baskets, and different kinds of artwork. Go for rattan and wicker elements, multicolored boho rugs, and statement mirrors with fringes and appropriate frames for a more powerful boho feel.

Place some pots & greenery all around the working space to make you feel refreshed all along the working hours.

You can incorporate & experiment with other ideas, such as using waste things with a little twist, or you can just add decor with a theme in mind. Follow these tips & you will never get bored of working!!