Thoughts every girl gets after receiving the first salary

The excitement of getting the first salary:

When we join our first job the most awaited day is when we get our first salary in hand. The moment our phone pings and we get a message of money getting credited, the excitement is truly next level. At this moment a lot of thoughts come into our mind that almost every girl can relate to. So here are some of them:

    1. Vow! Finally, I got my first salary, now I am a grown up and an independent lady. No need to borrow money from anyone now. “It feels great”.

2. What? I thought I will get the full salary! Didn’t know that this stupid PF will be deducted. Shit, My bad luck!

3. I do all the hard work then why do I have to pay taxes to the government from my salary?

4. I’ll buy nice gifts for Mummy and Papa they will be so happy and proud of me.

5. Finally, I will be able to fulfill my bucket list. For so many months I wanted to buy a new wardrobe and perhaps a few footwear.

6. This weekend I will go to the best club and will give a nice treat to myself.

7. Oh Shit! I already spent 10, 000Rs now, how will I survive in such a less money for the whole month.

8. I will get a new account opened and will start saving some money for my future.

9. But, is it possible to save money in such a less salary! This salary is sufficient for my shopping only.

10. Yes! I already have 10 items in my Myntra cart now. I will buy all of them or will look for some other options too.

11. This is the right time to show the World that I am finally a powerful woman.

12. I will give half of my first salary to my mom, after all she has done a lot for me.

13. I wish I can go on a short trip and chill!

14. Yippee! Next month again I will get my salary. It feels so amazing, Just can’t explain the excitement of this wait!