Common texting habits every couple has!

The common way couples exchange texts:

During the starting of a relationship, message are a source of excitement and we wait for that ping of our phone when our partner texts. But, eventually, over a period of time, we get stuck in a rut of following a particular way of communicating through messages. So, here are some of the common texting habits that almost every couple has:

1.Good morning text

No matter what time it is or where you are, every couple sends a good morning message to each other just after they wake up. They believe that this is the best way to start the day!

2. Keep each other updated

Sitting with family or stuck in a meeting? If because of any reason one of the partners cannot talk on the phone, they inform each other through a message. This is a gesture to keep each other updated and fulfill the concern also.

3.Inform before signing off

Many times due to an urgent meeting or work we put our cell phones on airplane mode or at times our battery is low. During this time, mostly couples send a message in advance so that their partner does not get worried or panic unnecessarily.

4.Short messages

In most of the relationships, there are no long and detailed messages about everything. A couple rather prefers short text and talk on the phone when it is something that can take a long time.

5.Asking about Lunch, Breakfast, and Dinner

Although things are really changed now but still many girls text their boyfriends and ask about every meal that whether their beau had or not?

6. Fight  over messages

This is the worst part because when you argue through texting, things get worse. These messages result in the words that we really don’t mean or want to say. We become so impatient that we just text without waiting or talking face to face.

7. The mandatory I Love You text

This is something that not even a single couple misses out. Most of us start or end our conversation with these three words. It’s a sweet gesture of showcasing the unconditional love towards your partner.