Thoughts you get when you ask for a leave at work

Things that strike our mind when we want a leave from work:

We all need breaks from our busy hectic schedules but in professional organizations, it is not very easy to take that much needed leave from work. I am sure we all have tried and tried hard at that to take some holidays but failed because of low leave balance or due to not so impressive reasons. So, here are thoughts you get when you want to ask for a leave in office:

“Will my leave get approved or not”?

“I should check my leave balance before sending the mail”.

Should I tell my HR the real reason behind my leave?

I hope they will understand my problem.

Oh No, last time also I gave the same reason. This time they will not trust me.

I should send the mail before one week or before two-three days?

What If my leave does not get approved?

I have to give a really strong reason if I want to go on a trip with my buddies!

Will they accept the reason that I want to celebrate my Boyfriend’s birthday?

I hope my salary will not get deducted. This time I need full month pay.

I am taking too many leaves. They will soon fire me I guess!

Should I first talk to my teammate regarding my leaves or just inform the HR?

I think I should buy a fake medical and send it!

What If I’ll be caught? Should I accept my mistake or deny it?