Ways to ask your boss for a summer break

Get that vacay because YOLO

Ways to ask your boss for a summer break. ImageSource: Google

With everyone off to exotic locales and most children on summer break, are you feeling jealous? Do you feel haggard and sick on the way to office? All that you crave for is a summer vacation but are afraid to ask the boss?

All of us have been in this predicament sometime or the other.  Its time you get out of that unexciting office and go for your dream holiday. We tell you how to ask your boss (and get a consent) for an awesome summer vacation!

So get ready to break that nine-to-five office dreariness and visit those beautiful mountains or serene beaches. Follow these practical dos and don’ts. Get ready to run away to your dream vacation, away from your boss, coworkers and deadlines.

Ask beforehand: The fastest way to get a ‘NO’ is to ask at the last minute. Your boss has mood swings too, he might be busy or bogged and all you might get is a grumpy no and a headache! Show how responsible an employee you are, ask in advance – a few weeks if it is a short trip but do ask months beforehand for that awesome vacation abroad. Your boss will have the time to re-arrange things accordingly plus you will have extra time to re-try if you’re denied once.

Never mention the masti!: Never ever, ever advertise your vacation. Making a big deal of your trip will distract you and irritate your coworkers! Don’t get into the vacation mode yet! Nobody wants to hear you go on and on about how mad this Phuket trip will be!

Unfinished business: Wrap up all the important assignments. Make sure to inform your boss about each and every development. Leaving work undone is a big mistake, your coworkers will be annoyed and your manager will think twice whenever you ask for a vacation leave. The best way out inform your boss and sub-ordinate about all the developments and always keep important documents on your desk, if any emergency arises they should know where all the work is.

Get a written permission: We know it is not school, but a written permission is proof. Worst-case scenario: You asked your boss two months ago and he gave consent but now he has ‘forgotten’ the conversation! The best way send a gentle e-mail as soon as he gives his consent and remind a week before you leave. That way they cannot back out at the last minute after all, you have tangible proof!

Let go of the guilt: It’s easy to feel like a lazy, worthless employee if you take some time off. But you should not. Don’t feel bad vacation days are few and fun don’t ruin them by thinking about work! Just slap on some lip-gloss and remember the basic rule work hard, play harder!