Ways to avoid eye strain at work


We all reach office and get stuck with our computers immediately at home there is a smartphone, TV, iPad all begging your attention. While its important to work but all this staring at technology makes the eyes tired. Often many women in mid-twenties experience eye strain, redness, itching of eyes and wrinkles due to tired eyes. So, if your work makes you burn your eyes for hours in front of a computer, here is how you should avoid eyestrain:

Take breaks: The first way to give your eyes rest is to break away from the system every 1 to 1.5 hours, even f it is just for a minute. If you are working and feel a slight burn in your eyes, its time to move away from the system for a bit. You can also blink your eyes for 5 seconds after every one hour.

Exercise your eye: Roll your eyeballs, massage your eyelids gently, look as far as you can in the room and focus on an object; these easy exercises will help your eyes relax.

Eye care/freedigitalphotos
Eye care/freedigitalphotos

Use eye drops: Keep some generic eye drops like gulab jal or clear tone and put them after every 3 hours. For contact lens wearers simply put a drop f your solution.

Buy anti-glare: Buy a screen protector or anti-glare glasses to reduce the glare of your screen.

Light up: A well-lit environment helps avoiding eye strain. Ensure your room is lit up properly.