Ways to deal with irregular working hours

Check out some ways to manage your lifestyle while you work on irregular hours:

We all follow a specific routine in our daily life, they are important as they help you get proper sleep and maintain a healthy eating regime. But with irregular working hours, it is difficult to set a daily routine. Not everyone works 9-5 shift, some people do night shifts and other shifts as well. When your schedule doesn’t fit your routine you need special skills to manage it. The irregular working hours lead to unhealthy eating, bad sleeping patterns, and many health issues as well. You need to manage your routine carefully, here are a few ways to deal with irregular working hours.

  • Eat right

Take up healthy eating habits that become your routine. For example, if you are working the night shift avoid eating greasy food. Bring your own meals and do not eat junk food. You can eat big meals when you work on a regular shift so that your body gets time to digest it. At night shift eat light only.

  • Manage your sleep

The quality of your sleep decided how efficiently you will work. The average adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep in a 24-hour cycle to function properly throughout the day. If due to your irregular schedule you don’t get to bed at the same time then do not skip sleeping. Just make a comfortable and dark space in your bedroom no matter what the time is. Relax and sleep. Also, take naps in between for night shifts. Nap gives you the power to work for some more time.

  • Do exercise

It is difficult to adjust exercise routine when you have rough working hours. Plan a normal workout regime while you are working on an irregular schedule. Work out a couple of hours before going to sleep to allow your body enough time to rest before sleeping.  At night shifts, perform your exercises a few hours before you take an evening nap.

  • Limit intake of caffeine

Do not consume too much coffee. Drinking a cup of coffee at the beginning of your shift will promote alertness. But don’t consume caffeine in between your shift or you might experience trouble falling asleep when you get home.