What distracts you at work?

Tea break in office
Tea break/freedigitalphotos.net

Have you ever realised why you are unable to complete your office work on time? Why do you have to work from home to meet the deadlines? Wondering what is the problem: Too much work, lack of time or inefficient time management? Well, every office has distractions that interrupt your work. Here is a list of distractions you must learn to ignore:

Phone: While many tasks can be done over the phone but phones can also make you incompetent. Constantly checking your phone for messages on whats app, bbm etc or answering non-urgent calls means that you are wasting time and allowing yourself to be interrupted. Just set the time period and make sure that you only answer important calls and ignore the not so important ones.

Internet: Internet has become an essential part of our life. We just can’t do without it but it is a major distraction too. Constant mails, chat pops and especially social networking sites are a bundle of distractions. Even statistics says that during office hours people spend maximum time on social networking sites while watching friend’s pictures and tweeting. There is no harm in checking different sites, watching a video or exchanging messages but make sure all this doesn’t let your work suffer.

Meeting: Meetings are important but they are also time consuming. Many a times a scheduled or unexpected meeting doesn’t let the employees finish the work on deadline because of lack of time. They are time consuming, give rise to lots of new work and distracts from completing the pending tasks. There is no other solution to this problem except to book a date for the meeting and stick to it and keeping them short.

Tea breaks: We all need a break from work after some time to freshen our mood but sometimes these breaks become too long leaving insufficient time for finishing actual work tasks. A break from work is important for both your mind and body but try to keep snacking, coffee breaks and smoking breaks short to complete the work on time.

Talkative colleagues: Even if you try to concentrate on work and avoid any kind of distraction but still you just can’t run away from the talkative colleagues around you. It’s really annoying when you are busy completing your task and the co-workers sit and chat right next to your desk. In such a situation politely make your message clear to your co-worker and continue with the work.

These distractions are important as they  make your office life interesting but trouble starts when they become a priority over work.